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Birds – Starlings, Sparrows & Pigeons

“Birds – Starlings, Sparrows & Pigeons…” The adult starling, sparrow and pigeon are the most common bird pests around homes and structures. The noise and filth associated with these birds and their nests can create problems for home owners, industrial and commercial buildings. They harbour the chicken louse, the bird louse, Northern fowl mite and other harmful ectoparasites. The starling will readily consume fruit products and all three birds will feed on grain and a variety of different seeds. Migrating starlings and sparrows return in the spring of the year and pair off to mate. Pigeons are not migratory and will mate year round.

“Starling…” The adult starling is approximately 8” long. The coloration is iridescent black, flecked with white. Nests are used in successive seasons and smell foul. The female may have 2 to 8 eggs, with 5 or 6 being common. Incubation takes approximately 12 days and first flight is about 20 days. A common problem with starlings is nesting in fan exhaust vents or openings in your home.
“Sparrows…” The adult sparrow is usually 5” to 6” long. The male has a black throat, white cheeks, with a chestnut neck and grey crown and rump. Nests are located in sheltered areas commonly in and around homes and structures. The female may have 3 to 4 broods per year consisting of up to 5 young per brood. Incubation is approximately 12 days and first flight is about 15 days.
“Pigeons…” The adult pigeon is approximately 13” in length. The coloration is bluish grey with narrow black wing bands and a white rump. Nests are often re-used and are located on high ledges of buildings. The female usually lays 1 or 2 eggs. The eggs are incubated in approximately 18 days and first flight is about 36 days. Breeding occurs during all seasons and several broods are raised each year. The most common problem with pigeons is their messy nesting habits and the ectoparasites they attract, are harmful to humans.

Starlings and sparrows should be expelled in the spring and pigeons year round. Their nests are messy, the birds carry dangerous mites and other ectoparasites which can endanger human health. Accumulations of dusty pigeon droppings can cause systematic fungus diseases, such as, histoplasmosis. Droppings will deface buildings and speed up the deterioration of homes and buildings.

Our “Bird Management & Control Programs” are highly successful and will eliminate and control your bird problems. We service all types of structures; rural and residential homes, vacation properties, barns, trailers, industrial and commercial complexes. The programs are based on expelling bird pests, removing nests and droppings and installing permanent/repelling barriers. This ensures the elimination of existing birds and will prevent future problems. If required, the area will be treated for ectoparasites.