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Boxelder Bug

“ The Boxelder Bug…”The boxelder bug is commonly called a “stink ” bug. It is a native of the Western U.S. They became established in the East as the boxelder tree was transported to be planted and grown. The adults are black with distinctive red markings. The box-elder bug winters in protective hiding places both indoors and out. When boxelder and maple trees produce seeds in early spring, the nymphs climb the tree to feed. They feed for two weeks before laying their straw-yellow eggs on rocks, leaves, grass, trees and especially in bark crevices. Development time of nymph to adult is 60 days. During warm years, two generations are possible. Warm temperatures in the fall and early winter can provide conditions favorable for boxelder bugs.

In early fall adult boxelders single out specific heated structures for invasion. They cling and crawl on outside walls and eventually access through tiny openings in vents, fascia, soffit, windows and doorways. If your area is infested with this pest, it is wise to treat your home annually in early fall. The treatment prevents them from seeking hibernation in your home."

Once indoors they may stain draperies or other resting spots with feces and produce a foul odor when crushed. This is how they have earned the adopted name, "stink” bug. This insect is a pest only because of its presence, creating a very uncomfortable environment. It seldom bites people.

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