Cluster Flies

"The Cluster Fly . . ." The adult cluster fly may be mistaken for the housefly at first - but may vary in size, some larger and some smaller. They're noisy and awkward. They fly into lights and windows, often colliding with more.


Pine Seed Bug

“The Pine Seed Bug…” The adult pine seed bug is also called the Western conifer seed bug. It is a common household invader found inside homes during the fall, winter and spring. The pine seed bug is about 1 inch more.


Boxelder Bug

“The Boxelder Bug…” The boxelder bug is commonly called a “stink ” bug. It is a native of the Western U.S. They became established in the East as the boxelder tree was transported to be planted and more.


Wasps, Hornets & Bees

“Wasps, Hornets & Bees…” The adult wasp, hornet and bee are in most respects beneficial insects. When they make their nests close or within homes or other human occupied structures, a hazardous situation more.


Ants – Carpenter, Field & Pharaoh

“Ants – Carpenter, Field & Pharaoh…” Ants are social insects and colonies may consist of up to 300,000 ants. The ants need to protect their nest and community from enemies. Some ants bite with their jaws or more.


Mice & Rats

"Mice & Rats . . ." The adult mouse and rat are characterized by two pairs of incisor teeth. The house mouse is smaller than a rat but can be differentiated from a young rat by a smaller head and hind feet and a more.


Spiders – Orb Weaver & Cobweb Spider

“Spiders…” Spiders are familiar to almost everyone. Spiders hatch from eggs, which are bundled together in sacs. The female may carry the sack with her or tuck it away in a secluded spot. The young spiders (called spiderlings) more.


Cockroach - German, Brown-Banded, American

“The Cockroach…” The adult cockroach is a very primitive insect and is exceedingly hardy. It thrives on only small pieces of food and can survive long periods of time without food or water. Cockroaches often more.


European Earwig

“The European Earwig…” The adult earwig is one of the most common pests in homes and gardens. Earwigs vary in size from approximately ˝” to 1” in length, they are brown to black in color. Species may be winged or more.


Occasional Invaders - Sowbug, Centipede & Millipede

“Sowbug, Centipede & Millipede…” The adult sowbug, centipede and millipede are classified as occasional invaders. They usually live outdoors and only become a problem when they migrate indoors. Doorways and more.


Birds – Starlings, Sparrows & Pigeons

“Birds – Starlings, Sparrows & Pigeons…” The adult starling, sparrow and pigeon are the most common bird pests around homes and structures. The noise and filth associated with these birds and their nests can create more.


Animals – Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk

“Animals – Raccoon, Squirrel & Skunk…” The adult raccoon, squirrel and skunk are the most common animal pests around homes and structures. The noise, filth and damage associated with these animals and their nests can create problems for homeowners...
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