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Cockroach - German, Brown-Banded, American

“ The Cockroach…”The adult cockroach is a very primitive insect and is exceedingly hardy. It thrives on only small pieces of food and can survive long periods of time without food or water. Cockroaches often live in cracks and crevices so small that we can easily overlook them. They are good survivors. They usually inhabit areas that are warm and moist and where food is readily available. Kitchen areas in around the stove and sink are very popular. Food storage areas and bathrooms are other areas they will frequent. There are several different species, the German, Brown-Banded and American cockroaches are some of the more common species to invade homes or commercial complexes. The cockroach is a master multiplier. A few in your home can number in the thousands within one year.

“The German Cockroach…” the German cockroach is yellowish-brown and is ½” to ¾” long. The female German cockroach produces an egg case containing 30-40 eggs. She carries it for about three weeks until the day the eggs hatch. The immature cockroaches (nymphs) grow fast. Nymphs that emerge from the egg cases will molt (shed their skins) six or seven times in about 60 days, and after the last molt, adult cockroaches emerge fully winged and sexually mature.
“The Brown-Banded Cockroach…” the brown-banded cockroach is a brown buff color, with the face and tip of the abdomen being chestnut brown or black and is ½” to ¾” long. They are capable of flight. The female carries an egg case with approximately 18 eggs. The nymphs emerge in 6 to 10 weeks and become adults in about 5 months.
“The American Cockroach…” the American cockroach is shiny reddish-brown and is approximately 1 ½” long. It is the largest of the common cockroaches. Egg cases usually contain 16 eggs. Incubation takes about 24 to 60 days, after the young emerge they under go 8 to 10 molts before reaching maturity.

Cockroach infestation can occur at any time. By keeping your home clean and by eliminating potential food and water sources will help to suppress or prevent an infestation. Once cockroaches are established, they can be difficult to control. They are known to transport food related illnesses. They also carry bacteria, are known to cause allergies and create a very uncomfortable living situation.

Our “Cockroach Maintenance & Prevention Program” is highly successful and will eliminate and control problems with these pests. We service all types of structures; rural and residential homes, vacation properties, industrial and commercial complexes. This program is safe and environmentally friendly. This Program can be completed any time of year. A detailed inspection will determine the safest and fastest way to rid you of this pest.