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Occasional Invaders - Sowbug, Centipede & Millipede

“Sowbug, Centipede & Millipede…”The adult sowbug, centipede and millipede are classified as occasional invaders. They usually live outdoors and only become a problem when they migrate indoors. Doorways and basements are the typical areas where they will be found. Hot, dry weather may drive them indoors in search of moisture and cooler temperatures. Although they do not pose health problems, and are not likely to cause damage to property, they can be a nuisance.

“Sowbug…” The sow bug is grey in color and is approximately ˝” long. They appear similar in appearance to a Pillbug, though a Pillbug will roll into a ball when disturbed. Reproduction takes place in the spring. They are most active at night and will appear in dark, damp locations in the basement. “Centipede…” The centipede is greyish yellow to dark brown in appearance and approximately 1 ˝” long. They have one pair of legs per body segment. Although bites are rare, they produce a reaction comparable to a wasp sting. The centipede is considered to be beneficial outdoors because they prey on insect pests. “Millipede…” The millipede is shiny brown and just over 1” long. They have two pairs of legs per body segment. Millipedes are slow moving creatures, which do not bite or sting. They feed on decaying plant material, thus their preference for moist areas where decay is rapid.

These occasional invaders only cause a problem when they migrate indoors. Keep areas around your home free of vegetable, garden or wood debris. Sealing cracks in walls or around ground-level windows, will reduce the chances of these creatures coming indoors.

Our “Indoor Maintenance & Prevention Program” is highly successful and will eliminate and control problems with these occasional invaders. We service all types of structures; rural and residential homes, vacation properties, industrial and commercial complexes. This program is safe and environmentally friendly. The Indoor Program can be completed any time of year (late spring/early summer is most popular). A solution is applied to the areas where creatures are most commonly found in the home. Basement crawl spaces, furnace rooms and corners are areas known to harbor these invaders. Just simply sweep or vacuum up and be rid of these pests.